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student preparing physiotherapy school application

Applying to Physiotherapy School in 1-3 years? Here is what to do now.

ByReid Vander VleutenOct 6, 2021

Applying to Physiotherapy School in Canada is a big decision. It is also a long and arduous…

Volunteer with a patient

5 Ways To Find Volunteer Opportunities Related To Physiotherapy

ByKash MahdiOct 23, 2021

Gaining volunteer experience related to physiotherapy can be a great opportunity to see what physiotherapists do, where…

University student in class

Do I Need A Kinesiology Degree To Apply To Physiotherapy School?

Physiotherapy is a career that is heavily rooted in the movement sciences. Because of that, many PT…

Cover photo for physiotherapy blog article

What’s The Difference Between a PT and PTA In Canadian Healthcare?

ByKash MahdiDec 2, 2021

Physiotherapists (PT) and Physiotherapist Assistants (PTA) both help patients with their rehabilitation, but those outside the field…

Finding what physiotherapy schools use the CASPer

Which Physiotherapy Schools in Canada use the CASPer?

ByReid Vander VleutenDec 22, 2021

Welcome to CASPer season everyone, the most wonderful time of the year! For real, it can be…

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