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Written by Reid Vander Vleuten

Reid graduated from Queen's University with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 2019. Since then, he has worked in private practice at a sports and rehab clinic. He is passionate about providing care across the lifespan with extra interest in concussion rehab and working with youth athletes.

September 24, 2021

Whether this is the first time attempting the CASPer, or this is your 10th time taking it I think we can all agree that there is always room for improvement. This blog is focused on just that – providing you with ways to improve your CASPer score and to help you feel more comfortable while take the CASPer. Remember, a relaxed and confident mental state is extremely helpful to possess when attempting a test of this nature. So let’s discuss how you can achieve that.

Tip #1: Have a framework for answering questions.

This was above and beyond the most helpful aspect of my preparation and execution for a good CASPer test. With the CASPer being very time sensitive, it is not uncommon to find test takers flustered, scrambled, and racking their brain for an answer to quickly jot down. It doesn’t have to be this way. Although this may not apply for everyone question, the majority of answers should be straight forward and come from a gut feeling you have. Once you can identify that, the rest should be easy.

However, the more I have worked with individuals it is not the interpretation of their gut feeling that they struggle with. Rather, it is how they present their answer. This is where having a pre-established framework is so important. If you have not already done so, spend some time establishing a framework for answering questions and try them out. A favourite of mine is utilizing the sandwich method we all learned about back in elementary school. Your topic sentence is the point you are trying to get across. The next 2-3 sentences should be your supporting points. And lastly, the concluding sentence follows suit. Of course there are other frameworks to use for the CASPer which means you need to determine what works best for you. Having a framework will save you time, improve your communication skills, and reduce stress while taking the test.

Tip #2: Utilize your break effectively.

The CASPer has 12 sections that must be completed with an optional ten minute break at the halfway point. I cannot understate this, take advantage of that 10 minute break. By this point of the CASPer test you will most likely be tired and a little bit burnt out mentally. This is completely normal and exactly why the ten minute break should not be wasted. Too many individuals skip past the ten minute break without a second thought. Meanwhile, it may be the most important ten minutes of the entire test. Let me tell you why…

This ten minute break is your refresh button. Regardless of how the first six questions went, it is your chance to start fresh and crush the second half of the test. Therefore, there are a few key principles I like to follow when taking the rest break:

#1) Forget about the previous six questions. Do not dwell on areas where you feel you could have done better. What’s done is done and ruminating over those questions will only lead to added stress and interfere with your performance on the later six questions. This is easier said than done but can be achieved with practice when taking your practice tests.

#2) Know what works best for you. Give some thought into what hitting the refresh button looks like to you. Maybe it’s a brief walk around your house/apartment, it might be drinking a glass of chocolate milk, or possibly crushing a few air squats. Whatever this looks like to you it is important to know ahead of time. Therefore, you will not reach the rest point and have no idea how to properly take advantage of the ten minutes.

#3) Provide positive self talk. The CASPer is meant to make you feel uncertain about your answers. It is important to not doubt yourself. So give yourself a small pep talk. Maybe record yourself giving one before the test and watch it over a few times. Anything to give yourself a boost heading into the second half of the test will help you be your best self.

Tip #3: Do not undervalue the Systems Requirement Check

The Systems Requirement Check is a component of the CASPer to ensure that your software is able to support the CASPer test. Along with the check, there is a practice test provided by CASPer and Altus Assessments to allow you to experience what the CASPer is like in real time with example questions that are similar to the actual CASPer.

You should view this as an opportunity to practice answering questions and implementing strategies that you have been working on. Although a score is not provided, you should get a feel of areas you need to work on. Additionally, it is an excellent way to practice time management when taking the test.

Tip #4: There are no right or wrong answers, but there are very wrong answers.

This one should come as no surprise. The CASPer is primarily made up of ethical decision making and conflict resolution style questions. A lot of these will result in wishy-washy answers and invoke feelings of uncertainty in the test taker. Although it is difficult, you should find some comfort in knowing this. As long as you are avoiding answers that involve illegal activities and just flat out immoral and unethical then you are in the clear. Remember, the CASPer evaluators want to know how you think and evaluate situations. Therefore, as long as your answer does not break any laws or moral/ethical principles then your answer has the opportunity to achieve a high grade.


We hope you found these CASPer Tips helpful. If you need further assistance with answer framework development, practice test taking, or CASPer prep materials be sure to reach out to us. We have an entire module of our PT Application Booster course dedicated to the CASPer. It consists of a multitude of tips and tricks to perform your best on the CASPER, multiple practice tests and video scenarios, and sample questions and answers to help guide you through the test. Reach out if you have any questions about the course. Now go crush the CASPer!

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