Episode 19: The Physio School Faculty Series – Scotty Butcher of the University of Saskatchewan

Sep 29, 2023 | 0 comments

Welcome to The PhysioSchool Podcast – your guide to becoming a physiotherapist.

In this episode, we kick off our Physio School Faculty Series with Dr. Scotty Butcher. Scotty is a physiotherapist and professor in the School of Rehabilitation at the University of Saskatchewan.

During our discussion with Scotty, we discuss the following:

  • Scotty’s path to becoming a physiotherapist and a professor
  • A brief overview of the physio program at U of S
  • What makes the physio program at U of S unique
  • Tips for anyone applying to the physio program at U of S
  • How Scotty’s managed to incorporate strength and conditioning within the physio program at U of S
  • Scotty’s clinical and research interests
  • Scotty’s advice for individuals who plan on pursuing both physiotherapy and academia
  • Scotty’s various entrepreneurial endeavours

Where you can find out more about Scotty:

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Episode Guest

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Dr. Scotty Butcher, PhD, MSc, BSc(PT), CMMT, SSR, Former CSCS, Former ACSM-RCEP

Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science at The University of Saskatchewan

Scotty is a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, School of Rehabilitation Science where he teaches and researches strength training, exercise physiology, exercise recovery, mindfulness, and biofeedback. He is also co-founder of Amplify Rehab & Performance in Saskatoon where he is the Clinic Director, an Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Practitioner, and Stress Resilience Coach. He is also an active Mental Health advocate and has a long personal history of anxiety. Through this experience, he has learned first-hand the importance of using the body to impact both physiology and psychology, and has also learned how to build and refine a mental health skills approach to stressors.

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