EP 15: The U of T Physio School Experience with Aaron Wexler and Mike Kundell

Aug 9, 2022 | 0 comments

Welcome to The PhysioSchool Podcast – your guide to becoming a physiotherapist.

In this episode, we sit down with Aaron Wexler and Mike Kundell, who are two current physiotherapy students at the University of Toronto.

During our discussion with Aaron and Mike, we discuss the following:

  • Aaron and Mike’s path to getting into physiotherapy school
  • Why they chose to attend the University of Toronto
  • Their collective experience in UofT’s physio program thus far
  • A brief overview of UofT’s physio program
  • Their experience doing UofT’s Computer Administered Profile (CAP) interview

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Episode Guest

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Aaron Wexler & Mike Kundell

U of T PT Students

Aaron completed his kinesiology degree at Brock University and is now just about to enter his second year of the physiotherapy program at the University of Toronto. His combination of strong leadership qualities and passion for helping others reach their full potential will help him make his mark on the physiotherapy profession. Remember this guy's name!

Prior to attending the University of Toronto for physiotherapy school, Mike obtained his kinesiology degree from Laurentian University. Mike hopes to take his talents to both the public and private spheres of healthcare to kickstart his career in physiotherapy.

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